Scaling Peripheral Nerves: A Case Study on CIPN

Speaker:  J. Lowry Curley, PhD, Co-Founder and CEO of AxoSim

Take an in-depth look at AxoSim’s case study on chemotherapeutic drug induced peripheral neuropathy and how this research is leading to the development of AxoSim’s NerveSim® 2.0 platform.

AxoSim assessed NerveSim’s ability to screen for implications of functional and structural nerve dysfunction in chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy. First, this research demonstrates that NerveSim accurately recreates axonal growth, orientation, and function analogous to mature nerve anatomy. By screening known neurotoxic compounds, AxoSim established the potential for its model to prove not only whether a drug is toxic, but to also provide insights into the mechanism of that toxicity. It’s the first 3D in vitro model to collect electrophysiological and histomorphic metrics to assess in vivo pathophysiology.

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