Toxicology and Drug Discovery

We provide both peripheral and central nervous system models for toxicology and drug screening assays. Whether you are in need of a screening to determine toxic side effects of lead compounds with our SimTox services or want to test protection and recovery potential with our SimDiscovery services.


Investigate potential neurotoxic effects of your candidates by examining mechanism of action through correlation of functional electrophysiological measurements (nerve conduction measurements (NCV)) and structural histomorphometry (Immunohistochemistry (IHC)) in our peripheral nervous system model, NerveSim®.

Investigate drug toxicity in the central nervous system with our BrainSim® model via structural histomorphometry, protein analysis, and supernatant analysis to determine the potential for toxic effects in your candidate drug(s).


Utilize our platforms to investigate drug candidates for peripheral and central nervous system conditions that can be mimicked in our NerveSim® and BrainSim® platforms. By first inducing injury or disease phenotypes we can then co-administer in a study designed to address protection or recovery potential to look at efficacy of various drug candidates. The ability to measure drug efficacy in a human in-vitro model allows for more cost effective and efficient analysis of your drug candidates therapeutic potential.

One of the top reasons I enjoy working on NerveSim® is the novelty. There simply isn’t anything like it currently available.

Corey Rountree, PhD, Lead Scientist AxoSim