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microBrain™ Deep Dive | Highlighting Disease Modeling Featured Image

microBrain™ Deep Dive | Highlighting Disease Modeling

Speakers: AxoSim  Lead Scientist of Assay Development and Screening Andrew LaCroix, PhD | AxoSim Director of Corporate and Business Development  Amit Johal

Join AxoSim lead scientist Andrew LaCroix and learn about microBrain™ Functional Organoids and their applications to disease modeling. This session will focus on modeling Rett Syndrome, a progressive neurodevelopmental disorder caused by mutations in the MECP2 gene. We’ll walk through the disease model development process from iPSC expansion and organoid generation to high-throughput screening. Learn how combining patient-derived neural organoids with functional phenotypic screening can be used to interrogate target-specific disease biology, formulate therapeutic hypotheses, and drive pre-clinical drug discovery efforts.

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microBrain™ is Back for Your Drug Discovery Needs! Featured Image

microBrain™ is Back for Your Drug Discovery Needs!

Speaker: AxoSim’s Newest Scientists Andrew LaCroix, PhD and Nicholas Coungeris | AxoSim Co-Founder and CEO J. Lowry Curley, PhD

Join us for a webinar: Functional screening on microBrain™ organoids and their applications to neuromodulation studies and disease modeling. With AxoSim’s acquisition of Vyant Bio’s StemoniX assets, the microBrain™ technology is back for your neuroscience preclinical research. Learn about the acquisition, this cutting edge technology and meet the talented scientists working exclusively with the platform.

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ALS Awareness Month Webinar w/ Synapticure: Accelerating Care & Research for Neurological Diseases Featured Image

ALS Awareness Month Webinar w/ Synapticure: Accelerating Care & Research for Neurological Diseases

Speakers: Martina de Majo, PhD, Director or Research & Development at Synpaticure and Jaime Hatcher-Martin, MD, PhD, Movement Disorders Director Synapticure.

We’re honored to share that in recognition of ALS Awareness Month, AxoSim has invited the Synapticure team to highlight their incredible work in patient care and research for those living with ALS and other devastating neurodegenerative diseases.

Synapticure is creating a teleneurology hub where all patients diagnosed with ALS can have access to accurate information and resources to help them find the care and support they need to navigate their medical journey. Their patient-first approach with dedicated care coordinators for each patient, brings a human touch to a devastating diagnosis. They are also developing an extensive biobank of ALS patient samples to create powerful tools for researchers and drug developers, including patient-derived cells and organoids. In this webinar, Director of Research and Development Martina de Majo,PhD, and Director of Movement Disorders Jaime Hatcher-Martin, MD, PhD, will join us and take us through their work and what they are doing to accelerate research and care.

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Human NerveSim®: A 3D In Vitro Nerve-on-a-Chip Model for Preclinical Drug Screening Featured Image

Human NerveSim®: A 3D In Vitro Nerve-on-a-Chip Model for Preclinical Drug Screening

Speaker: Megan Terral, Scientific Projects Manager, AxoSim

Preclinical animal models are historically expensive and low-throughput, and have largely failed to deliver results that translate to success in the human system. Peripheral nerves, in particular, lack predictive human-relevant in vitro drug screening models, with less than 7% of neurological drug candidates reaching the marketplace.

AxoSim has developed an all-human NerveSim® micro-physiological platform, using human iPSC-derived sensory neurons and primary human Schwann cells. This platform has been shown to exhibit crucial aspects of PN physiology and function, displaying robust neurite outgrowth, with axonal myelination and measurable electrical activity, acting as a promising screening platform for improving pre-clinical success.

About Megan

Megan is currently focused on demyelination and neuropathy studies at AxoSim. She received an undergraduate degree in biochemical engineering from the University of Georgia, where she grew interested in tissue engineering, biomaterials, and translational research.

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