Advances in 3D neuronal microphysiological systems: towards a functional nervous system on a chip

January 12, 2021

AxoSim published a review paper with Springer Nature’s In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology – Animal on advances in 3D neuronal microphysiological systems.

The paper outlines microphysiological systems (MPS) designed to study the complexities of the peripheral and central nervous systems have made marked improvements over the years and have allowed researchers to assess in two and three dimensions the functional interconnectivity of neuronal tissues.

The recent generation of brain organoids has further propelled the field into the nascent recapitulation of structural, functional, and effective connectivities which are found within the native human nervous system. Herein, we will review advances in culture methodologies, focused especially on those of human tissues, which seek to bridge the gap from 2D cultures to hierarchical and defined 3D MPS with the end goal of developing a robust nervous system-on-a-chip platform. These advances have far-reaching implications within basic science, pharmaceutical development, and translational medicine disciplines.

Read the full paper here.