Human NerveSim®: A 3D In Vitro Nerve-on-a-Chip Model for Preclinical Drug Screening

Speaker: Megan Terral, Scientific Projects Manager, AxoSim

Preclinical animal models are historically expensive and low-throughput, and have largely failed to deliver results that translate to success in the human system. Peripheral nerves, in particular, lack predictive human-relevant in vitro drug screening models, with less than 7% of neurological drug candidates reaching the marketplace.

AxoSim has developed an all-human NerveSim® micro-physiological platform, using human iPSC-derived sensory neurons and primary human Schwann cells. This platform has been shown to exhibit crucial aspects of PN physiology and function, displaying robust neurite outgrowth, with axonal myelination and measurable electrical activity, acting as a promising screening platform for improving pre-clinical success.

About Megan

Megan is currently focused on demyelination and neuropathy studies at AxoSim. She received an undergraduate degree in biochemical engineering from the University of Georgia, where she grew interested in tissue engineering, biomaterials, and translational research.

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