AxoSim Co-Founder and CEO Highlighted in the Tech Tribune

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AxoSim is excited to announce our CEO Lowry Curley is featured in the Tech Tribune’s Profile of a Founder. The company has also made their list of  best start ups in Louisiana for the past three years. The article highlights how AxoSim started, Lowry’s personal journey through starting a company, and AxoSim’s future.

“AxoSim’s core technology, our Nerve-on-a-Chip, or NerveSim®, spun out of my thesis work at Tulane University with my professor, Dr. Michael Moore. Though it started as an academic project, we quickly realized that there was a significant need in the pharmaceutical industry for alternative ways to test new drugs, outside of animals. Eighty-nine percent of drugs fail to ever reach patients, which has driven the average cost for a new drug to over $2.6B and average time to market to over 10 years, largely due to the inability of animals to predict human results.”–Lowry Curley

Want to learn more about Lowry and AxoSim’s NerveSim® platform? Sign up for our webinar on December 7th : Scaling Peripheral Nerves: A Case Study on CIPN.