Utilizing advanced, patent-pending Nerve-On-A-Chip™ technology, AxoSim facilitates preclinical prediction of neurological safety and efficacy early in the drug development pipeline. Employing micro engineering techniques and novel biomaterials, we've developed a 3D cell-based model which mimics living tissue in both form and function. By providing an alternative to exploratory animal testing, pharmaceutical companies will have access to high content data faster and earlier than currently possible.


Current cell models providing basic test metrics and information on efficacy and safety are generally considered unreliable and inefficient. Our 3D Nerve-On-A-Chip™ captures a more advanced environment, leading to outcomes that are more predictive of future performance.


The current gold standard for pre-clinical testing is animal models, which are both time consuming and costly. From start to finish, animal studies generally last months and often fail to translate accurately to clinical outcomes. Our model offers high content data in a matter of weeks.

Cost Savings

Improving pre-clinical decisions during drug development saves companies time and wasted efforts on ineffective compounds. The ability to deliver critical information earlier in the process provides companies a completely novel way to de-risk developmental candidates.


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Delivering critical information

AxoSim's Nerve-on-a-Chip™ service provides analysis for samples across the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, biotechnology, and chemical industries. Our Nerve-on-a-Chip™ service delivers human relevant information for disease modeling, neurotoxicity, including dose response, off-target effects, mechanism of action, and structure-activity relationship.

AxoSim's expert team of scientists are ready for an initial consultation to determine client needs and tailor an experimental plan to best meet those needs. A dedicated employee will also be available throughout the process to ensure that expectations are met. We pride ourselves in ensuring that client goals are clear and line up directly and efficiently with our available services.

AxoSim's facilities are equipped to measure changes in electrophysiology, nerve density, fiber type, degree of myelination and cell integrity following either acute or chronic exposure to compounds of interest. Range finding experiments can also be performed for concentration dependent effects.

During the process, AxoSim manages all aspects of the research, culminating with an intensive high-level report and presentation discussing all available data. During the client presentation, potential implications will be discussed and any client questions will be addressed.

About Us

This is who we are

Our diverse team of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs are committed to tackling critical problems in pharmaceutical research. Utilizing technology originally developed in the lab of Dr. Michael J. Moore at Tulane University, we are commercializing a benchtop model of the nervous system to advance the safety and manage the costs of bringing novel pharmaceuticals to market.

J. Lowry Curley, PhD
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Lowry possesses a robust research background in tissue engineering and neuroscience and received his PhD at Tulane University in biomedical engineering. Following his postdoc in Belgium, he returned to New Orleans to pursue commercialization of AxoSim's technology. He has a drive towards entrepreneurial applications of biotechnology and manages customer discovery, product development and daily operations.
Michael J. Moore, PhD
Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer
Michael is an Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Tulane University, with over a decade of experience in biomaterials, neuroscience and regenerative medicine, and leads R&D efforts. He received his PhD from the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, and has experience commercializing laboratory-based technology from there as well as from his postdoc laboratory with Prof. Robert Langer at MIT.
Lauren A. Pace, PhD
Senior Scientist
Lauren worked in the biotech and pharma industries before obtaining a PhD in neuroscience from Wake Forest University, focusing on neural tissue engineering at the Institute for Regenerative Medicine. Following graduate school, she helped to establish the neurosurgery research program at Tulane University. She has an interest in technology commercialization, and leads R&D and production efforts.
Jordan Behn
R&D Engineer
Jordan received his BS from the University of Illinois in biomedical engineering with concentrations in neuroscience and neurodegenerative disease, with a focus on translational projects. His focus is on optimizing 3D culture techniques for an expanding variety of neural cell types in order to increase the range of disease states able to be accurately modeled in AxoSim's nerve-on-a-chip platform.
Kenneth J. Eilertsen, PhD
Pharmaceutical Advisor
Ken received his PhD in molecular biophysics from FSU and is an accomplished entrepreneur and scientist, currently serving as founder and president of NuPotential, Inc., which is pioneering the discovery and development of drugs that modulate epigenetic targets. Ken also served as AxoSim’s mentor during the NSF I-Corps Program.
Jeffrey Gimble, PhD
Biotechnology Advisor
Jeff obtained his MD and PhD from Yale and founded multiple successful companies related to adipose-derived stem cell technology. He is co-founder and CSO at LaCell, LLC, and maintains a position as a professor in stem cell biology at the Tulane University School of Medicine and Center for Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Medicine.
Edward Karp
Operations Advisor
Edward received his chemical engineering degree from Northwestern University and his MBA from MIT. He is a seasoned biotech entrepreneur and investor with pharma experience and is currently serving as CEO at Health & Life, Inc, a medical device and pharmacy company. He brings over 30 years of experience in business consulting and health care fields.
Drew Mouton
Management Advisor
Drew is managing director of Caerus, a private equity advisory and management firm, and active board member of several early stage ventures. He founded, built and sold six companies and is a veteran of more than 30 M&A transactions. Drew holds an MBA from Tulane University. Drew holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Tulane University.



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